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Hello! My name is Rain! I'm just someone who likes to write and is trying to figure out how to code.

Cupid's Second Chance

Cupid has been banished to live on Earth and he finds a way to challenge his match-making abilities.

Word Count: 2838

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five

Part One

I have been punished by the gods. My only problem is that I did nothing wrong. I didn’t cause any fires, my arrows have hit every one of their targets, and I’ve attended all of the Olympian gatherings since the beginning of time. So why have I been banished to Earth? Do I at least get to keep my bow and arrows? Now, as I sit in the back row of the West Ridge High School science lab, I feel defeated and insulted. Zeus is not seriously doing this to me. I’m a minor god for crying out loud! Why put me through the tortures of high school? Being a teenager again is punishment enough.

“... Isn’t that right, Mr. Argos?” The chemistry teacher interrupts my internal grumbling.

“Sorry, Miss. Could you repeat the question?”

“How many protons are in an atom of Calcium?”

“I dunno; five?” I grumble.

“See, kids? This is why paying attention in class is important. Open your textbooks to chapter 29…”

She then proceeds to drone on about atomic numbers and other science-y stuff that is no use to a god like myself. I go back to resting my head on my arms as I make no effort to try staying awake. Then, before I’m sure I will die of boredom, I remember something I have in my pocket. Zeus might have taken away my divinity, but that doesn’t affect my bow and arrows. I scan around the room, searching for a hopeless romantic I can charm with my gift.

Matthew? No. How about Stephanie and Peter? That would work. I discreetly pull out my bow and arrow, disguised as a set of gel pens, and aim it toward the two lab partners. I hit Peter, then Stephanie. Not much long after, I hear a hushed conversation between the two.

“Hey, Steph,” Peter reaches over and whispers in her ear, “Are you made of copper and tellurium? Because you’re CuTe.”

Stephanie smiles. A light pink spreads across her face and ears. She whispers something back to him, but I can’t catch it. After a few moments, Peter reaches over and holds her hand.

Success! I’ve still got it! Maybe I can make use of my time in the mortal realm to have some fun. As I’m about to target my next two subjects, the bell rings, meaning it’s lunchtime. We all pile into the cafeteria and line up to get our food. I see Peter and Stephanie in line together. She’s wrapped her arm around his and is resting her head on his shoulder. How cute!

I get my lukewarm lunch and begin the gut-wrenching task of finding a place to sit. All the tables are taken; everyone has already joined their cliques and friend groups. That leaves me, the newcomer and outsider, with nowhere to sit. I sigh and leave the cafeteria, making my way to a secluded spot by the parking lot I’d found earlier this morning.

I sit on the ground, forcing myself to eat the now-soggy and cold macaroni and cheese and fruit salad I had picked up. I’ll make sure to pack my own lunch for tomorrow. Once I’m finished, I begrudgingly open my notebook and work on the practice work assigned to me in algebra.

“What are you doing here by yourself?” A female voice snaps me out of my bored studying state.

I look up at her. The first thing I notice is her long black hair, which partially shrouds her face at this angle. Her big brown eyes study my face, expecting an answer.

“Homework,” I reply.

“You’re new here, aren’t you? I haven’t seen you around before. Then again, this school is huge; I might have just missed you.”

“Yeah, I’m new here.”

“What’s your name? I’m Molly.” She holds out her hand for me to shake it.

“Eric. Eric Argos.” I shake her hand.

“That’s such a cool name! It sounds like a name from a storybook.”

The corners of my mouth twist into a small smile. “You think so?”

Once again, the bell rings and our conversation is cut short. I stand up and brush off my blue jeans.

“It was nice to meet you, Eric Argos.” She hikes her bag strap higher on her shoulder. “I’ll see you around.”

“See ya.”

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five

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As you all know, I go by the name, Rain (it's just an internet persona btw). My pronouns are she/her. I don't believe in astrology, but I know my star sign is a Virgo. I was born in the year of '07, and that's all you get to know about me personally.

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